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Precautions for Using the DTH Hammer

Feb 29, 2024
1. Ensure reliable lubrication
Before the DTH hammer is installed on the drill pipe, operate the impact air valve to exhaust and remove the sundries in the drill pipe, and check whether the drill pipe has lubricating oil. After connecting the DTH hammer, check whether there is an oil film on the spline of the drill bit. If there is no oil or oil quantity obviously If it is too large, the oiler system should be adjusted.

2. Keep the hole free of slag
During the drilling process, always keep no slag in the hole, and if necessary, carry out strong blowing to clear the hole, that is, lift the DTH hammer to a height of 150mm from the bottom of the hole. At this time, the DTH hammer stops impacting, and all the compressed air passes through the center hole of the DTH hammer for slag discharge. If it is found that the drill bit falls off the column or the debris falls into the hole, it should be sucked out with a magnet in time.

3. Check the air compressor tachometer and pressure gauge
During the working process, check the tachometer and pressure gauge of the air compressor regularly. If the speed of the drilling rig drops rapidly and the pressure increases, it means that the drilling rig is faulty, such as the collapse of the hole wall or the generation of mud hoop in the hole, etc., and timely measures should be taken to eliminate it. 

4. When the DTH hammer starts to drill, the propulsion air valve should be manipulated to make the DTH hammer feed forward, against the ground, and the impact air valve should be opened at the same time. At this time, care should be taken not to rotate the DTH hammer, otherwise it is impossible to stabilize the drill.
After impacting a small pit to stabilize the drill, open the rotary damper to make the DTH hammer work normally.

5. It is strictly forbidden to reverse the DTH hammer and drill pipe in the hole to prevent the DTH hammer from dropping the hole.

6. In the drilling down hole, when the drilling is stopped, the air supply to the DTH hammer should not be stopped immediately. The drill should be lifted up and forced to blow, and the air should be stopped when there is no more slag and rock powder in the hole. Put down the drill and stop turning.

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