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Comprehensive use of air compressors

Feb 29, 2024
Come and find out comprehensive use of air compressors that you may dont know !

Compressed air has many uses, as follows.

I. Jet power

  1. Blow up the object
     (1) Blowing:
          Painting------ metal, furniture, automobile, woodworking
          Spraying------ agriculture, medicine, cleaning,  artificial snow
          Lubricating oil------ precision machinery
          Spray cleaning agent ------ mechanical processing and cleaning
     (2) Powder spraying:
          Spraying mortar ------ civil engineering
          Sandblasting ------ surface treatment ------ metal, woodworking, fiber
          Spraying grouting ------ civil engineering, construction

  2. Make the object moving
     (1) Air pump:
         Dental drilling
         Pneumatic tools, pneumatic grinders ------ metal processing, pressurized concrete
     (2)Cleaning: sheet metal
         Ultra-high-speed machine tools ------ machining
         Die ------ die manufacturer,
         Cleaning, cutting, various industries
         Pneumatic press, pneumatic hammer, metal processing
         Rock peeler ------ civil engineering, stone
         Piling ------ construction

II. Expansion force

  1. Motivation

      Vibrator ------- civil construction, bag filter, pneumatic conveying, medicine, food and dust

   2. Expansion force
       Spot welding ------ automotive, metal processing
       Airlock ------- vehicles, buildings
       Air cushion ------ press shockproof-metal, fiber
       Lifting machine ------ car repair, cargo transfer
       Pressure resistance ------ metal processing, workshop construction
       Pressure transmission ------ oil base, food processing, beer, food (liquor, beverage, milk)

III. Stirring and moving of liquid

      Stirring ----- water treatment and fermentation
      Pneumatic lift pump
      Exhaust gas in liquid
      Reservoir antifreeze
      Burner ----- elbow, steel

IV. Supplementary oxygen

   Fish farm
   Diver, submersible pump, miner

V. Heat transferring

   Prevent overheating during metal processing
   Wire cooling ------ wire production plant
   Bonding of vinyl and nylon ------ industries that use automatic packaging machines

VI. Dehumidification

   Clean rooms ------ electronics, hospitals, food industry
   Drying -----the electronic industry room
   Maintain humidity ------ warehouse industry
   Gas micrometer

VII. Flow changes

   Heating, cooling
   Automatic control device

Due to the extensive development of the use of compressed air and extensive use of air compressors in various industires,
which brings a lot of market space to the promotion of air compressors. And at the same time, provid
ing users with suitable compressors
and compressor knowledge
 is the responsibilities and obligations of each marketer and it will benefit both users and us.

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