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6 Tips For Air Compressor Maintenance

An air compressor is an expensive investment in any production facility. With frequent usage, especially in high-performing businesses, it’s easy to forget that it needs routine maintenance to function effectively.

Purchasing an air compressor is not the beginning and end of it. Like all machinery, after extensive use, minor wear-and-tear issues can occur. However, if these problems are overlooked, they can develop into major costly repairs.
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6 Key Points for Water Well Drilling Rig Selection

For water well drilling rigs, the general requirements are. It has simple configuration, low energy consumption, easy operation, strong maneuverability, multi-function and small size. In practical applications, the drilling rig must be selected based on the stratum, hole diameter and depth, and drilling method.

While price is the most common consideration for many people, there are many other aspects to consider – some of which may outweigh the impact of price. Think service and support, training and quality.
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What is reverse circulation drilling method?

RC, or reverse circulation, drilling is a tried and true drilling method in certain circumstances. Drillers usually use it on large-diameter holes because it is faster and easier to clean the hole. The fluid and cuttings flow up the drill pipe and down the annulus. In softer formations, this causes less washout and makes sampling faster and more accurate because cuttings are not contaminated by sloughing formation off the hole walls. They also come up the drill pipe very fast, giving an accurate formation log.
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What is DTH Drilling?

Among all the drilling method, Down The Hole(DTH) drilling is being used more and more widely and has very high efficiency for some cases. Here, we will introduce DTH drilling as most important part of whole basic drilling knowledge.
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What is Product Customization? DTH Drill Tools

Question 1:
During this communication with the customer, he pointed out that the width of the wrench slot next to the thread of our CIR90A DTH hammer is too narrow to meet their requirements, as shown in the figure below:
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Equipments You Will Need for Well Drilling!

A brief introduction on the well drilling equipments for new well driller.
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Composition and configuration selection of Truck-mounted water well drilling rig

With the continuous development of science and technology, machinery and equipment are developing in the direction of automation, and truck-mounted water well drilling rig are also one of them. In the drilling rig industry, the automation and remote control technology of truck-mounted drilling rigs are getting faster and faster, which is also the general trend of future development. The benefits brought by the automated production of truck-mounted drilling rigs are that it improves the production efficiency of truck-mounted drilling rigs, effectively reduces production costs, and virtually improves production quality.
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Is top hammer drilling vs down-the-hole drilling?

Top hammer drilling rig structure:
First, let's talk about the structure of the top hammer drilling rig. It is mainly composed of the drilling arm, the drilling rod propelling beam, the rod changer, the rock drill, the hydraulic control system, the fuel system, the chassis, the cab and other structures. It is generally used in quarries that require drilling and blasting, and is also used in sites such as dividing stone materials and excavating building bases.
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D Miningwell Day Trip New Diamond——Connect With Drilling Tool

New Diamond make steel for DTH hammers and bits, which is sole in China. All products are under strict quality control and inspection, there are 8 times heat treatment operations to ensure the ideal hardness of our products.
During this visit to the factory, we also found that New Diamond has a special workshop to recycle scrap steel and reuse it through high-temperature forging. At the scene, we can see a huge pliers clamp the hot steel and beat it, and then use the crane to put the beaten steel in the pearl sand to keep warm. Manager Zeng said that they have many raw material manufacturers with good relations. They have large and stable purchase quantity from them and they guarantee to supply stable quality material to us.
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