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D Miningwell was founded in Quzhou city, China in 2001. For more than 20 years production and operation process. D Miningwell has been on the leading edge of mining equipment. We has its own drilling rig, DTH hammer, and drill pipe production workshops. provides a wide range of quality tools to mining, tunnelling, quarrying, water-well projects and urban transportation construction. D Miningwell is committed to providing customers with the most efficient and cost-effective drilling solution. Our team of drilling specialists are standing by to assist.
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0-5 Hand-held pneumatic rock drill
0-5 Meters - Pneumatic/Hydaulic rock drill
For a rock drilling depth of 0-5 meters, you can choose an air-leg rock drill to work with a small air compressor below 8bar.
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5-15 meters - Top hammer drill rig
5-15 Meters - Top hammer drill rig
In large mining areas and quarries, top hammer drilling rigs are the most common rock drilling equipment.
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15-50meters - DTH drill rig
15-50 Meters - DTH drill rig
The drilling efficiency of the open-pit DTH drilling rig is lower than that of the top hammer drilling rig, but the performance of the DTH drilling rig is the best under the requirements of large diameters and depths of more than 30 meters.
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More then 50 meters - Water well drill rig
More then 50 meters - Water well drill rig
People who pursue high-efficiency water well drilling will undoubtedly choose pneumatic water well drilling rigs.
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