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Hot Sale Drilling Tools in Chile market

What we know about hot sale drilling tools in Chile
Concentric drilling tools
DTH Hammer: DHD3.5 DHD340 DHD350 DHD360
DTH BIT: 5inch, 6inch, 8inch
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MWT300 Vehicle-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig Customer Feedback

In April this year, we received an inquiry that the local government of Zimbabwe invited bids to purchase a 300-meter water well drilling rig.

This water well drilling rig serves the vicinity of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and drills wells to provide domestic water for local communities, hospitals, schools, etc. In the future, Zimbabwe plans to equip 55 districts with a water well drilling rig to solve the domestic water problem of local residents. Our MWT300 truck-mounted water well drilling rig is the first trial order.
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Vietnam Chulai Port Expansion (cofferdam) Construction Phase II -- Successful Test Pile

The cofferdam project is a large-aperture pile hole construction plan. 1000mm and 1200mm diameter casings need to be inserted into the rock formation for 5-6 meters, the total depth of the pile holes is 25-30 meters, 300 piles with a diameter of 1200mm, and 280 piles with a diameter of 1000mm. This solution is expected to allow the port to obtain a load capacity of 500,000 tons, thereby increasing the throughput of the Chulai port.
On January 31, the project’s first casing pipe pile test pile was successful. Under the condition of rock hardness of 100-150Mpa, 6 meters into the rock was completed within 4 hours, laying a solid foundation for the second phase expansion of Chulai Port.
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D Miningwell drilling tool shipped to Chile

down the hole hammer,dth drill bits,rock drilling bits,tricone rock bit
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MW380 water well drilling rig shipped to Mongolia

MW380 water well drilling rig sent to Mongolia for military use.
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MWT300 truck-mounted water well drilling rig shipped to Zimbabwe

The MWT-300 vehicle-mounted water well drilling rig uses a new SINO HOWO truck chassis and is equipped with a 22 bar two-stage compression high-pressure air compressor. Its lifting force can reach 17 tons, and it can drill water wells with a maximum depth of 300 meters.
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MWDL600 Core Drilling Rig Shipped to Myanmar

MWXL600-GL drilling rig is a core drilling rig with large drilling capacity developed by our company according to the needs of current geological exploration users. It is widely used in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, water well, engineering and other fields.
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The water finder sent to Mexico is recognized by customers

The Mexican customer finally received the water detector groundwater, he is very satisfied with our products and the service of the salesman Damon.
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8 tons Twist drill pipe to be shipped to Turkey

Workers paint the twist drill pipe that will be shipped to Turkey next week. Twist drill pipe is widely used in drilling under the geological conditions of coal seam and near coal seam, water exploration and gas discharge drilling construction in coal mines, and can also be used in geophysical prospecting and water conservancy construction projects anchoring, drilling construction and other fields.
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