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A core drilling rig’s cross-border journey: from China to Iran

Jun 08, 2024
On a sunny morning, a huge core drilling rig slowly started up with a roar, and it was about to begin a journey across national borders. This machine embodies the wisdom and sweat of Chinese engineers and is a symbol of industrial progress and technological innovation. Its destination is Iran, a country rich in mineral resources, which is looking forward to the arrival of this machine to help them explore deeper underground treasures.


Two core drilling rigs and supporting drill pipe rotary head accessories are packed into boxes.
The manufacturing process of this core drilling rig is a long and complicated story. From the initial conception of the design drawings, to the careful polishing of each part, to the final assembly and testing, every step reflects the rigor and professionalism of China's manufacturing industry. With the machine's commissioning completed, it was loaded onto a heavy-duty truck and prepared for shipment to the port.

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The journey of this core drill is more than a simple cargo transportation. It represents the profound friendship and close cooperation between China and Iran. Through this transaction, the two countries have more frequent exchanges in the technical and economic fields, bringing more cooperation opportunities and common development to both parties.
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