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Is top hammer drilling vs down-the-hole drilling?

Top hammer drilling rig structure:
First, let's talk about the structure of the top hammer drilling rig. It is mainly composed of the drilling arm, the drilling rod propelling beam, the rod changer, the rock drill, the hydraulic control system, the fuel system, the chassis, the cab and other structures. It is generally used in quarries that require drilling and blasting, and is also used in sites such as dividing stone materials and excavating building bases.
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D Miningwell Day Trip New Diamond——Connect With Drilling Tool

New Diamond make steel for DTH hammers and bits, which is sole in China. All products are under strict quality control and inspection, there are 8 times heat treatment operations to ensure the ideal hardness of our products.
During this visit to the factory, we also found that New Diamond has a special workshop to recycle scrap steel and reuse it through high-temperature forging. At the scene, we can see a huge pliers clamp the hot steel and beat it, and then use the crane to put the beaten steel in the pearl sand to keep warm. Manager Zeng said that they have many raw material manufacturers with good relations. They have large and stable purchase quantity from them and they guarantee to supply stable quality material to us.
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D Miningwell Day Trip LIUTECH——Connect With Air Compressor

Last week, our company visited LIUTECH. Liutech products are with advanced technology from Europe. As company which pioneered to have screw air compressor production license. Liutech commit to brand promise “We take care your compressor air”,and develop more air solution to customers .
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Analysis of Taper Drill Pipe Materials

High-quality taper drill pipes require the following:
1. High fatigue strength and toughness
2. High wear resistance and resistance to permanent deformation
3. Precision tolerances (for automated manufacturing processes)
4. Uniform response to heat treatment
5. Uniform straightness (no straightening required)
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How to Select Water Well Drilling Rig?

At present, the global demand for water well drilling rigs is still increasing day by day, and the design of water well drilling rigs is gradually evolving and optimizing. The more user-friendly design is more conducive to the control of the driller, and the high-quality and high-torque drilling rig also greatly improves the working efficiency of the water well drilling rig.
So in the face of global customers, how do you think to choose a water well drilling rig?
The first reaction of many customers should be: the first price (the cost of the product itself), the second quality or function of the product, and finally whether the supplier is reliable.

Obviously, these concerns are the most correct answers, but still ignore some other important factors. E.g:
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How to Choose Tapered Drill Bit and Tapered Drill Rod

Different rock formations and rock drills require different cone angles. Wide cone angles are often used when drilling with high impact hydraulic rock drills in moderately hard to hard and abrasive rock formations. Modern drill rigs typically use 11 and 12 taper angles. For low impact rock drills and softer rock formations, use a narrow taper angle of 7. The 7 angle can also be used if you have problems with the bit rotation when using the 11 and 12 equipment. Also, the 4.8 angle is perfect for soft rock when using a pneumatic or hydraulic drill to prevent the bit from spinning or falling off. A single drill pipe is used to drill short holes (≤2.0m), while a drill pipe that can be connected is used to drill deeper holes (>2.0m) to avoid excessive bending stress.
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What are the advantages of screw air compressors over piston compressors?

What are the advantages of screw air compressors over piston compressors?
The choice of screw and piston air compressors requires consideration from all aspects in order to select the right one for you, and we compare the following in terms of function and performance.
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How do I operate a rock drill correctly?

The wind drill, or wind-driven rock drill, is a drilling tool that obtains its power through compressed air and is mostly found in mines, concrete, construction sites, etc. The wind drill is compact, single person can operate, the price is not very expensive, is the main force in mountain tunnels, road construction.
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Requirements for Drilling Holes in Blast Hole Drilling Operations

To successfully drill holes with brazing tools, you need to ensure that the holes are straight, deep, and stable.
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