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3D Best Sales Underground Water Detector Deep Water Finder

The ground water detector is an indispensable professional equipment in geological exploration and groundwater resources search. Powered by a natural electric field, it helps us to quickly and accurately locate target geological formations and water sources through multiple anti-interference designs and precise resistivity measurements.

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The basic principle of underground water detector

The principle of underground water detector is to use the natural electric field and the difference of geological structure to produce the change of resistivity and other related parameters to judge and analyze the geological anomalies we are looking for. Compared with the traditional electric exploration, this detector has the essential difference and leapfrog improvement. Its exploration speed and accuracy have been increased several times.

Specifically, the underground water detector first receives the natural electric field signal through the receiving device, and then through multiple anti-interference design, shielding the interference signal, frequency selection signal processing and amplification, to get the signal we need. According to the changes of these signals, the location and depth of the existence of groundwater can be determined.


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