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Reverse circulation water well drilling rig MW300G

Brand Name: D miningwell
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: 40HQ-20GP
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

MW300G reverse circulation drilling rig is a new multi-purpose, high-efficiency, environmental protection, multi-tracktype rig, which uses the latest foreign gas lift reverse circulation drilling technology, rock dust can be effectively collected through a dust collector to avoid environmental pollution.You can also collect slagging cyclone separator can be used in geological prospecting department of sampling analysis.It is a geological exploration drilling, drilling wells,monitoring wells, ground source heat pump air-conditioning and other deep hole of choice for equipment.
The drilling rig can be used in a variety of compressed air on the ground hole reverse circulation drilling. The lifting system,guide compensation, drill pipe loading and unloading, rotation and feed, legs, winch, walking and other system to achieve all of the hydraulic system to significantly reduce the labor intensity and improve the efficiency and quality of construction.
Product Introduction
1. Diesel engine mounted hydraulic system,all the system include the walking,rotation,feed,lifting,Leg,lifting, compensation system,rod change is hydraulic.
2. Reverse circulation system working together with DTH technology,air compressor provice pressed air for impact and dust collect.
3. During working,use the reverse circulation hammer,double tube,pressed air enter between two tube and dust out from the inner tube.
4. Also it’s available to positive circulation use normal drilling tool.
5. The working system composed of feed system,guide(mast),rotary head, compensation system, centralizer,rod exchange cystem, winding and so on.
6. Axes pressure,feed speed,rotary speed is adjustable.
7. The walking system is a self-walking system,convient for moving,wich could install four hydraulic leg,when load on truck,it doesn’t need hiking up,it can load on truck directly.
8. Four hydraulic leg use for keep the balance of the drilling during working.

Main Component
1. Cummins engine 112KW.
2. Crawler type chassis,steel crawler shoe which could install rubber crawler shoe.
3. Walking speed reduction system.
4. Hydraulic Walking motor imported from Korea.
5. Rotary motor from EATON(USA brand).
6. Hydraulic oil pump from PERMCO(USA brand).

Show details
Technical data
Technical Parameters
Geology drilled All kinds
Drilling Type DTH & RC
Drill system and operation Hydraulic
Max.Hole Diameter (mm) Φ105—Φ350
Max.Hole Depth (m) 300
Rotation Torque (N.M) 9200
Rotation Speed(Forward rotation) (rpm) 0-160 1st Gear
0-80 2nd Ger
Rotation Speed(Revise rotation)  (rpm) 40 1st Gear
80 2nd Ger
DTH Drill pipe diameter (mm) 102/114/127
RC Drill pipe diameter (mm) 102/114/127
Drill pipe length (mm) 3000
Max. Feed Speed (M/min) 5-30
Max. Lifting Speed (M/min) 5-18
Feed Stroke (mm) 3400
Max. Lifting force (T) 12
Lifting force of Main winch(Optional) 4
Lifting force of tool winch (T) 1.5
Lifting height of tool winch (m) 7.5
Diesel Engine type (Kw) Cummins 132
Rated Horse power (Kw) 112
Electrical System (Volt) 24
Type Open
Diameter (mm) 300
Hydraulic Clip
Clamping Force (KN) 157
Clamping Rod Diameter (mm) 76-219
Net Weight (T) 13
Shipping Length (mm) 7550
Shipping Width (mm) 2260
Shipping Height (mm) 2700
Hydraulic Leg Feed Stroke (mm) 600
Gradeability (°) 21
Ground Clearance (mm) 300
Volume of Flow (mm) 200
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