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Crawler water well drilling rig MW180

Brand Name: D miningwell
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: 40HQ-20GP
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

MW180 multifunctional crawler well drill is a new,highly-effective ,energy-saving and multifunctional hydraulic drill and it is specialized in drilling well ,monitoring well, geothermal air-conditioning hole,grouting hole of the hydropower cofferdam,grouting hole for dyke seepage control and grouting hole for base enforcement ,surface mining ,anchorage .national defense project and other drilling operations;The drill rig is equipped with hydraulic motor rotation with a high power,propulsion and lifting of cylinder and down-hole impacter with high blast pressure,to realize high effectiveness of drilling footage and low energy consumption.
Product Introduction
Advantages of Water Well Drilling Rig:
Engine: adopts the famous brand Guangxi Yuchai 55Kw turbocharged version
Crawler Driving Gear: the designed motor with a speed reduction gearbox prolongs the service life
Hydraulic oil pump: It uses parallel gearbox (which is a patent) to separate oil pump monomer, supply adequate power and distribute reasonable. The hydraulic system adopts unique design, which is easy to maintain and can lower the maintenance cost.
Rotary head device: integrated casting gearbox , dual motor power, large torque, durable, small maintenance costs
Drill chassis: the professional excavator chassis provides durability and strong load capacity, the wide roller chain plate causes small damage to the concrete pavement
Lifting force: patent designed composite arm with small size yet long stroke, double cylinder lifting, strong lifting capacity. The lift arm is installed with a limiter to protect cylinder and ensure the safety of work. Each hydraulic tubing is covered with a protective shell to effectively extend the service life of pipeline.
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Rotary Head
Jack Operating
Operating Floor
Technical data
Technical Parameters MW-180 MW-250 MW-280 MW-300
Drill depth(m) 180 250 280 300
Drill diameter(mm) 140-254 140-254 140-305 140-325
Equipped Engine YC 65kW YC 70kW YC 75kW YC 85kW
Drill pipe diameter(mm) φ76 φ89 φ76 φ89 φ76 φ89 φ76 φ89 φ102
Drill pipe length(m) 1.5/2.0/3.0 1.5/2.0/3.0 1.5/2.0/3.0/6.0 1.5/2.0/3.0
Swing speed(rpm) 45-70 45-70 40-70 40-70
Swing torque(N.m) 3200-4600 3300-4500 4500-6000 5700-7500
Rig lifting force(T) 12 14 17 18
Weight(T) 5.2 4.1 7.6 7.2
Dimension(mm) 4000*1630*2250 4000*1800*2400 5900*1850*2360 4100*2000*2500
Model MW-400 MW-500 MW-680 MW-800
Drill depth(m) 400 500 680 800
Drill diameter(mm) 140-350 140-350 140-400 140-400
Equipped Engine DEUTZ 103kW YC 118kW Cummins 154kW Cummins 194kW
Drill pipe diameter(mm) φ89 φ102 φ102 φ108 φ114 φ102 φ108 φ114 φ102 φ108 φ114
Drill pipe length(m) 1.5/2.0/3.0/6.0 1.5/2.0/3.0/6.0 1.5/2.0/3.0/6.0 1.5/2.0/3.0/6.0
Swing speed(rpm) 50-135 40-130 45-140 45-140
Swing torque(N.m) 7000-9500 7500-10000 8850-13150 9000-14000
Rig lifting force(T) 25 26 30 36
Weight(T) 9.4 11.5 13 13.5
Dimension(mm) 5950*2100*2600 6200*2200*2650 6300*2300*2650 6300*2300*2950
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