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Mud pump BW 450

BW450 type mud pump is a horizontal triplex single acting reciprocating piston pump, which has three bore and four gear speed. Displacement and hole depth can be adjusted according to the application, the deepest can be adjusted to the application,the deepest can be used with 1800 meters drilling rig,it also can be used cement perfusion.
Product Introduction
1. BW High Pressure Piston Duplex Mud Pump adopted advanced product design, reasonable structure, high pressure, flow,multi-file variable, energy saving, light volume, efficiency, plant life, safe operation, easy maintenance.
2. The power has electric driving and diesel driving, customer can choose before ordering. It can also use hydraulic motor to drive.
3. Compact structure, light weight, small volume, beautiful appearance, is driven by a hydraulic motor, electric power or diesel engine.
4. BW series slurry pump is horizontal triplex grout pump with high stability and high pressure.
5. Mud pump has gear shift to adjust the flow, large output capacity, simple operation.
6. High quality pump parts, less wearing parts, long service life, low construction cost.
7. Electric High Pressure Piston Duplex Mud Pump has fast suction-discharge speed, high pump efficiency.
8. Mud pump has less noise and dust, environmental operation.
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Technical data
Technical Parameters
Type BW450
Horizontal three cylinder reciprocating
single acting piston pump
Cylinder dia.(mm) 100
Stroke(mm) 85
Pump Speed(times/min) 170/115
Flow(L/min) 450/350
Pressure(Mpa) 1.2/2
Power(Kw) 18.5
Dimension(mm) 1350*820*1040
Weight(kg) 540
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