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Seperate DTH drill rig MWYX425

Brand Name: D miningwell
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: 40HQ-20GP
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

MININGWELL Separated DTH drill rig drilling rig is used for open pit, mine, quarry, construction etc. And this mine drilling rig is with good integrity, environmental protection and energy saving,high degree of automation, drilling effect is good, convenient operation,flexible, driving safety, etc.
Product Introduction
1. MWYX-425 seprated DTH drilling rig is widely used in various open pit mines, quarries and engineering construction sites. Aperture range 110-138mm. The aircraft has a low body, a new cover design, and a body leveling function, making the product highly stable.
2. This seprated DTH drilling rig is specially designed for high altitudes of more than 4,000 meters. The two-speed traveling piston motor configuration ensures the product has extraordinary off-road capabilities while improving the reliability of the entire machine.

3. The high-pressure cast iron oil pump makes the drilling rig's system more explosive and stable. The bottom of the operating platform is centrally controlled, reasonably positioned, and easy to operate. The double-station movable walking operating platform provides better walking visibility, safety and convenience.
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Technical data
General Specification
Hole Depth 30 m
Hole Range Φ 110-138 mm
Drill Pipe Sizes Φ 76x3000 mm
Rotation Torque(Max.) 3200 N.m
Hammer 4'' / 5''
Rotation Speed 0- 100 rpm
Length of Feed Beam 5645 mm
Feed Travel Length 3660 mm
Feed Extension 960 mm
Feed Speed 26 m/min
Feed Force 20 kN
Pull Up Force 45 kN
Feed Type Chain / cylinder
Tramming Speed(Max.) 2.5 km/h
Gradient 25°
Weight 6230kg/6500kg
Dimension 7000*2250*2700 mm
Power Pack-( ZAYX-425-1) YuChai YC4DK100 73.5KW
Power Pack - (ZAYX-425G) YuChai YC4DK120 88KW
(Dust collection system as standard equipment)
Matching Air Compressor
Working Pressure 0.7~2.5 Mpa
F.A.D 8~20 m3/min
Diesel Screw Compressor Model 186SCY-18/198SCY-21
Electric Screw Compressor Model 132SDY-17/132SDY-18
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