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XY-8 Geological Core Drilling Rig

Brand Name: D miningwell
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

XY-8 type drilling rig is a core drilling rig with large drilling capacity developed by our company according to the needs of users in the current geological exploration market and integrating the advantages and characteristics of various core drilling rigs at home and abroad. box, centralized lubrication and heat dissipation mechanism, involute spline rotator. It is not only suitable for large and small-diameter core drilling based on alloys and diamonds, but also for metal and non-metallic solid mineral exploration, shallow oil and gas exploration, geothermal well exploration, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage and large-diameter Foundation pile engineering construction is widely used in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, water wells, engineering and other fields.
Product Introduction
XY-8 Characteristics:
1. Adopt pneumatic shifting Fast 8JS118 automobile gearbox and clutch, which is compact and reasonable in structure, stable in operation, stable in performance and good in versatility.
2. The flexible shaft shifting mechanism specially used for automobiles is adopted to realize the remote control of gear shifting of the gearbox. The pneumatic shifting is light and agile, and the operation is highly user-friendly.
3. It has a reasonable speed range and a large number of speed bases (8 levels for forward rotation and 1 level for reverse rotation), and large low-speed torque (up to 8000N.m).
4. The centralized forced lubrication mechanism is adopted. As long as the equipment is running, the separate lubricating oil pump will start to pump oil, and the lubricating oil will reach each node that needs to be lubricated through the oil separator. While lubricating the transmission mechanism, the oil will take away the heat inside. (The lubrication system is equipped with a separate condenser) to avoid heating of components under high speed and high load conditions.
5. The traditional hexagonal vertical shaft is replaced by the involute spline vertical shaft, which doubles the transmission efficiency and bearing capacity of the gyrator. Moreover, the diameter of the vertical shaft through hole is large (96 mm), the double oil cylinder hydraulic feed, the stroke is long (up to 1000 mm), and the process adaptability is strong, especially suitable for large-diameter drill pipe rope core (upper core) drilling. Conducive to improving drilling efficiency and reducing in-hole accidents.
6. The drilling capacity is large, the rated drilling depth of the 71 mm diameter wire rope core drill pipe is 1650 meters.
7 Light weight, good detachability, the net weight of the drilling rig is 6500Kg.
8. Hydraulic release normally closed hydraulic chuck, novel structure, good compensation, hard alloy welded slip structure, large tightening force, long life and reliable work.
9. Equipped with water brake, when drilling deep holes, the drilling is smooth and safe.
10. The gear pump is used for oil supply, with less power consumption, low oil temperature in the hydraulic system, and stable operation. The system is equipped with a hand-operated oil pump. When the power machine cannot work, the hand-operated oil pump can still be used to lift the drilling tool away from the bottom of the hole to avoid buried drilling accidents.
11. The structure is advanced and compact, and the layout is reasonable. All parts are exposed and do not overlap each other, which is convenient for maintenance, maintenance and repair.
12. The center of gravity of the drilling rig is low, the moving distance is long (up to 530), the fixing is simple and firm, and the high-speed drilling stability is good.
13. Equipped with shock-proof instrument, which is helpful to grasp the situation in the hole. The drilling rig has few operating handles, reasonable layout, flexible and reliable operation.

It is mainly suitable for large and small diameter core drilling mainly based on alloy and diamond.
It is suitable for metal and non-metal solid mineral exploration, shallow oil and gas exploitation, geothermal well exploration, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage and large diameter foundation.
Pile engineering construction is widely used in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, water wells, engineering and other fields.
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Technical data
Technical Parameters
Drill rod category Drill rod specification(mm) Drill depth(m)
Domestic Drill pipe Thickenes within the drill pipe ∅50X5.5 Drill pipe 3000
∅60X6 Drill pipe 2500
Cord coring drill pipe ∅71X5 Drill pipe 2200
∅89X5 Drill pipe 2000
DCDMA Drill pipe Thickened within the drill pipe BW Drill pipe 3000
NW Drill pipe 2500
HW Drill pipe 1800
Cord corning drill pipe BQ Drill pipe (∅58) 3000
NQ Drill pipe (∅73) 2500
HQ Drill pipe (∅93) 1800
Drill angel 0-360°
Power unit
Electric unit Y280S-4 75KW 1480r/min
Diesel YC6A240-33 177Kw 2300r/min
Type Feed with double cylinders oil hydraulic
Spindle L.D 93mm
Power speed 1480r/min 2300r/min
Forward speed 74/106/150/208/300/431/609/845r/min 110/157/222/309/445/640/905/1256r/min
Reverse speed 74r/min 110r/min
Max.torque of spindle 12500N.m
Spindle stroke 1000mm
Max.lifting force 180KN
Max.thrust of spindle 110KN
Wire rope caliber 21.5mm
Roll capcacity 120m
Single rope maximum 150KN
Lifting speed of the wirerope
1480r/min Power unit rotary speed 0.48/0.68/0.96/1.34/1.96/2.81/3.96/5.51m/s
2300r/min Power unit rotary speed 0.71/1.01/1.42/1.99/2.91/4.17/5.88/8.19m/s
(CBF-F32/16)Oil pump
Work pressure 20Mpa
Max.pressure 25Mpa
Water brake
Work rotary speed 700-1800r/min
Single rope compensation speed 3-8m/s
Single rope compensation load 45KN
Skids type drillfram
Rig backward stroke 530mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 3800*1500*2460mm
Rig weight 6500kg
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