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MWLH1000 Full hydraulic core drilling rig

Brand Name: D miningwell
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

MWLH core drilling rigs are widely used in geological exploration, and can be used for drilling of engineering geology, shallow oil, natural gas, etc., and can also be used for drilling surveys of railways, highways, bridges, water conservancy and hydropower, and tunnel engineering.
Product Introduction
Rotation Head
Rotation head adopts mechanical two-speed stepless speed regulation design. The low-speed torque is multiplied, and the drilling is stable and reliable. The rotation head is equipped with a lateral translation mechanism, which is convenient for lifting and releasing the drilling tool.

Hydraulic Motor
The hydraulic motor has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, impact resistance, long life and large torque, which greatly improves drilling efficiency.

Power Part
Adopting Yuchai turbocharged engine and triple gear pump full hydraulic drive, the system pressure is high and the power output is strong.

Structural Part
The crawler of the drilling rig adopts a low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor, wireless remote control walking, high safety performance, strong climbing ability, and the moving speed of the whole machine can reach 2Km/h, which is suitable for transition and operation in mountainous areas and muddy ground.

Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system is equipped with double hydraulic oil filtration, two-stage air cooling +one-stage water cooling system, which ensures the heat balance and cleanliness of the hydraulic system, and greatly improves the stability and durability of the drilling rig. The hydraulic hose adopts two-layer steel wire braided high-pressure hose, plus a protective sleeve, which is wear-resistant.
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Technical data
Rig model MWLH-600 MWLH-800 MWLH-1000
Total Weight 4500kg 6000kg 7300kg
Machine size (transportation state) 4500* 1900*2650mm 4500*2100*2800mm 5600*2200*3000mm
Machine size (working state) 4500*2500*6100mm 4500*2600*7900mm 5600*2600* 8500mm
Drlling angle 45-90° 0-90° 0-90°
Mast sliding stroke 800mm 1200mm 1200mm
BTW 650m 1200m 1400m
NTW 600m 1000m 1200m
HTW 300m 800m 1000m
power head lifting force 240kN 300kN 360kN
power head propulsion 120kN 150kN 180kN
Rotary speed of power head 0-1400rpm(stepless speed regulation) 0-1400rpm(stepless speed regulation) 0-1400rpm(stepless speed regulation)
Maximum rotary torque of power head 1400N.m 1800N.m 2600N.m
Power head propulsion stroke 2000mm 2000mm/3500mm(Optional) 3500mm
Hydraulic system Main pump 32MPa*2,auxiliary pump 20MPa*3 Main pump 32MPa*2,auxiliary pump 20MPa*3 Main pump 32MPa* 2, auxiliary pump 20MPa*3
cooling system Water cooling + integrated air cooling Water cooling + integrated air cooling Water cooling + independent air cooling
power system Yuchai four-cylinder 92kW/2400rpm (optional) 92kW/118kW/2400rpm (optional) Weichai six-cylinder 129kW/2400rpm
Hydraulic winch rope capacity 800m(6mm steel wire rope) 1000m(6mm steel wire rope) 1200m(6mm steel wire rope)
Hydraulic winch lifting force 15kN 20kN 24kN
Hydraulic winch lfting speed 110m/min 110m/min 110m/min
Supporting mud pump BW90/BW100/BW160(Optional) BW90/BW100/BW160(Optional) BW90/BW100/BW160(Optional)
Track model Rubber/6t steel 300mm/8t steel 400mm (optional) 6t steel 300mm 38 sections/8t steel 400mm*43 sections (optional) 8t steel /400mm*43sections
Maximum climbing angle 25° 30° 30°
top speed 2km/h 2km/h 2km/h
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