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MWDL350 Full hydraulic wireline core drilling rig

Brand Name: D miningwell
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

Product Introduction

MWDL350 mechanical top drive drilling rig is a kind of drilling equipment independently developed by the company that can drill at 75-90°,integrates water drilling and gas drilling functions (national invention patent: ZL201510479602.4), using 5-speed manual hemp, more Wide range,sensitive and flexible conversion of positive energy, twice as much as hydraulic transmission, lower power drive, more efficient and energy-saving.The low-light problem of ring drilling rigs forbeads and pebble layers.
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Technical data
Technical Parameters
Drilling capacity Drilling depth for water well 350m(152mm~203mm)
Sample drilling 75mm Wireline coring N size 800m
Borehole (Drill bit) dia. Ø75~Ø350mm
Drilling angle350m(152mm~203mm) 75-90°
Drive head Lifting capacity 240kN
Thrusting capacity 180kN
Rotary speed RPM Forward:27,51,93,129,156,193,247,437,737,901r/min
Reverse:48,219 r/min
Max. Torque 10500N.m
Power Unit Engine Model YN33GBZ
Rated power/speed 65kW/ 2400r/min
Mechanical winch capacity 7.5Ton
Drill pipe Drill pipe dia. Ø50/ Ø60 / Ø76/ Ø89mm       NQ/ HQ /PQ
Drill pipe length 3000mm
Mud pump BW160/ BW200/ BW250
Air compressor Air consumption 16~35m3/min
Air pressure 10.5~24.6bar
Crawler chassis Walking speed 0~2 km/h
Climbing angle Max. 25°~30°
Dimension Transport 6300*2000*2600mm
Working 7800*2400*3800mm
Weight with steel crawler 7500kg
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