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XY-44A Geological Core Drilling Rig with Crawler

Brand Name: D miningwell
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

XY-44A drill rig is a core drilling equipment based on diamond and hard alloy drilling, mainly suitable for geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, engineering and other industries, can also be used for engineering geological exploration, shallow oil and gas mining, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage, hydrologic well drilling and large diameter pile engineering construction.
Product Introduction
Key features of the XY-44A core drill rig

1. with more speed series (12 level positive turn 2 level reverse) and reasonable speed range, low speed torque (up to 8000N.m), not only suitable for alloy, diamond core drilling, but also suitable for engineering geological investigation, hydrologic well drilling and foundation pile engineering construction.
2. vertical shaft through hole diameter (93mm), double cylinder hydraulic feed, long stroke (up to 600mm), strong process adaptability, especially suitable for large diameter drill pipe rope coring (upper coring) drilling, conducive to improving drilling efficiency.
3. Adopt Tsinghua Wanliyang 6T46 transmission, which is widely matched in Foton, Jianghuai, Kaima, Wuzheng and other truck models. Mature technology, stable quality, overload capacity, after-sales service stations and accessories throughout the country.
4. hydraulic chuck for disc spring clamping, hydraulic cylinder loosening, three slips automatic centering type hydraulic chuck.
5. hydraulic system adopts gear oil pump oil supply, simple installation, easy to use, less power consumption, hydraulic system oil temperature is low, stable work. The system is equipped with a hand oil pump, when the engine can not work, the hand oil pump can still be used to pull out the hole inside the drilling tool.
6. the power of FAW Tin Chai 4110 (81 kW) naturally aspirated engine, Guangxi Yuchai 4110 (105 kW) turbocharged engine is optional.
7. Low center of gravity of drilling machine, long shifting distance (460mm), fixed firmly, high speed drilling stability.
8. equipped with shockproof instrument, conducive to the control of the hole. Less handling handle, flexible handling.
9. the crawler chassis, leg cylinder travel 1.5m can be automatically loaded, easy to move and transport.

Main applications
The series of core drilling rigs are mainly suitable for industries such as geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology and engineering, but also for engineering geological exploration, shallow oil and gas exploration, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage, drilling of hydrologic wells and construction of large diameter foundation piles.
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Technical data
Technical Parameters Specification of Drill Pipe (mm) Drilling depth (m)
Domestic drill pipe Inside thickening type 42 1400
50 1000
60 830
The rope coring 55.5 1250
71 1000
89 800
DCDMA drill pipe BQ drill pipe 1300
NQ drill pipe 1000
HQ drill pipe 750
PQ drill pipe 420
Outside thickening type 60 800
73 500
89 300
Drill Angle 0°-360°
Engine Model Power Speed
Motor Y225S-4 37kW 1480r/min
Diesel engine CA4110 81kW 2800r/min
Type: double cylinder hydraulic feeding machine rotary type
Diameter of vertical φ93mm
shaft through hole
Vertical spindle speed
Forward rotation (r/min) 60/90/166/272/379/481/183/296/514/835/1164/1476
Reverse speed(r/min) 63/198
Max. torque of vertical shaft 8000N·m
Vertical stroke 600mm
Max. gravity of vertical axis 125KN
Max. vertical shaft pressure 90KN
Type: Planetary gear drive, handle brake
Wire rope diameter φ18.5mm
Capacity of drum wire rope 95m(wound seven layers)
Max. lifting force of single rope 45KN
Hoisting speed of wire rope
Linear speed of drum (m/s) 0.7-2.68m/s (twelve grades)
The clutch
Type: automobile special dry single disc friction clutch
(matched with 6T46 gearbox)
The hydraulic system
The system pressure
The rated pressure 20Mpa
The highest pressure 25Mpa
Capacity 20ml/r
Rack section
Type: skid type (with sliding base)
Rig back stroke 460mm
Hole distance 260mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 3550*2200*3100mm
Rig weight (With power engine) 6300kg
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