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Seperate DTH drill rig MWYX416

Brand Name: D miningwell
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: 40HQ-20GP
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

MWYX-416 Seprated DTH drilling rig is equipped with dual-motor rotary head and rotary speed adjustable multi-way valve. The rotary torque can reach 1950N.m, which meets the needs of φ76 drill pipe and 130 hole diameter.
Product Introduction
The rotation speed of MWYX-416 Seprated DTH drilling rig can reach up to 150 rpm, which meets the needs of some customers for high-speed drilling in soft rock formations. At the same time, the 416 series DTH drilling rig is equipped with engineering crawlers and plunger motors as standard, which makes the climbing ability stronger and the quality more stable and reliable. This DTH drilling rig is the product with the highest configuration among similar models.
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Technical data
General Specification
Hole Range Φ 90-127 mm
Drill Pipe Sizes Φ 60x3000 mm
Rotation Torque(Max.) 1950 N.m
Rotation Speed 0- 150 rpm
Feed Force 15 kN
Pull Up Force 25 kN
Feed Type Chain / cylinder
Tramming Speed(Max.) 2.5 km/h
Gradient 25°
Weight 3830 kg/4270kg
Dimension 5700*2130*2200mm
Power Pack-( ZAYX-416) YuChai YC4DK80 58KW
Power Pack - (ZAYX-416-1) YuChai YC4DK80 58KW
(Dust collection system as standard equipment)
Matching Air Compressor
Working Pressure 0.7~1.5 Mpa
F.A.D 7~13 m3/min
Diesel Screw Compressor Model 141SCY-15/158SCY-17
Electric Screw Compressor Model 90SDY-14.5/132SDY-13
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